Byte Knytes V0.1.1

This is a patch/ small update to the previous version. Here's a list of changes.

+ Added in Variable Jump Height

+ Added sound effects to the menu screens

- Fixed taunting so the exclamation mark now follows the player

- Adjusted music and effects volume




DPAD Left = Left

DPAD Right = Right

DPAD Up/Down = Cycle through menu options

A/Cross = Jump

Hold A/Cross = Higher jump

Y/Triangle = Taunt

Start = Pause


-Player 1-

W = Jump

Hold W = Higher jump

A = Left

D = Right

S = Taunt


Arrow Up = Jump

Hold Arrow Up = Higher jump

Arrow Left = Left

Arrow Right = Right

Arrow Down = Taunt


Byte Knytes V0-1-1.exe 60 MB
Oct 02, 2017

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