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Byte Knytes is a local multiplayer 2D capture the flag platformer in which you can battle against a friend. There is no single player so if you have no friends we wouldn't recommend this game. Byte Knytes is a simple game that can help kill some time with a friend.

---The Controls---


Escape = Pause Game

W/S and ArrowUp/ArrowDown = Cycle through menu options

Enter/Space = Select

F2 = Screenshot

F4 = Toggle Splitscreen

F5 = Toggle experimental screenlock (try it out)

F6 = Toggle extremely experimental AI

F11 = Toggle fullscreen


DPAD Left = Left

DPAD Right = Right

DPAD Up/Down = Cycle through menu options

A/Cross = Jump

Hold A/Cross = Higher jump

Y/Triangle = Dash

Start = Pause

Select = Taunt


-Player 1-

W = Jump

Hold W = Higher jump

A = Left

D = Right

F = Taunt

Space = Dash


Arrow Up = Jump

Hold Arrow Up = Higher jump

Arrow Left = Left

Arrow Right = Right

Numpad 1 = Taunt

Numpad 0 = Dash

*For older version controls check their respective dev logs*


All music is released for free by Visager.


Our Main Page: 1DayGames

Our Twitter: @onedaygames


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Byte Knytes V0-4-0.exe 45 MB
Byte Knytes V0-3-0.exe 42 MB
Byte Knytes V0-2-0.exe 49 MB
Byte Knytes V0-1-1.exe 60 MB
Byte KnytesV0-1-0.exe 60 MB

Development log


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Super fun and simple.  You can play against yourself or with friends which  I thought was nice. I'm excited to see future updates. 

Very entertaining. I could play for hours!

Thanks, we're glad you enjoyed it!! :)