Byte Knytes V0.2.0

This update is A major overhaul of the visuals and also some new added mechanics.

+ New Knytes with animations!

+ Flags are now animated

+ New level portraits

+ New tile sets in the tower and cave levels

+ Lava and lanterns are now animated in the cave level

+ Gave the sky level level a fresh coat of paint

+ New score boards

+ Added experimental split screen (toggle with F4)

+ New collision detection (press F3 to look at them)

+Options menu (nothing in it so far except access to the developer room where we will be testing things)

Known issues:

# Players sometimes can't move when grabbing the flag (this is fixed by jumping)

# Players can jump through each other if timed properly (bug?... feature?... Yes.)

# No music in options menu

# Music in dev room doesn't pause

# Lava and Lanterns don't freeze when game IS paused




DPAD Left = Left

DPAD Right = Right

DPAD Up/Down = Cycle through menu options

A/Cross = Jump

Hold A/Cross = Higher jump

Y/Triangle = Taunt

Start = Pause


-Player 1-

W = Jump

Hold W = Higher jump

A = Left

D = Right

S = Taunt


Arrow Up = Jump

Hold Arrow Up = Higher jump

Arrow Left = Left

Arrow Right = Right

Arrow Down = Taunt


Byte Knytes V0-2-0.exe 49 MB
Feb 20, 2018

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